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Recipe for an art please.

#MOTFE / tonight might be a little scary… 👾👾👾👾👾 / @gallery2010 sponsored by @batlowcider (at Noren Yensen Studio)
#MOTFE / Noren Yensen will see you tonight @gallery2010 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 (at Noren Yensen Studio)
This Thursday……. 🎵👾🎵👾🎵👾🎵👾🎵👾 (at Gallery 2010)
Gallery 2010, November 21st 6-8pm.
Beastly beats by Rabbit.

#MONSTERSOFTHEFAREARTH 👾 By Noren Yensen 👾 November 21st @ Gallery 2010… (at

Celebrating all things #mamafaka.  🍍 #MMFK x #RipcurlThailand (at CentralPlaza Lardprao (เซ็นทรัลพลาซา ลาดพร้าว))
Celebrating all things #mamafaka tonight at 🍍 #MMFK x #RipcurlThailand (at CentralPlaza Lardprao (เซ็นทรัลพลาซา ลาดพร้าว))
Salmon from the stones, kale&sprout&currant slaw, pistachios. #food #foodporn  #fishlyfe (at Noren Yensen Pied-a-Terror)
Nuffin’ beats good old Aussie bangers. These ones are free range pastured pork and fennel seeds. #nommies (at Noren Yensen Pied-a-Terror)
A home cooked meal.  Slow cooked #beef cheeks in peppery #tomato sauce and #kale with #pecorino (at Noren Yensen pied-à-terre)
Last night we made burgers and ate them with @jackbritten @charmiank @peteorus @ponytailjournal (at Noren Yensen pied-à-terre)
Last night we cooked Lauren’s Ludderick with cherry tomatoes & garlic.  It was super delicious.  Broccoli in butter and cauliflower mash made things next-level yummy. (at Noren Yensen pied-à-terre)
Meat ‘n three veg. (at Noren Yensen pied-à-terre)
Our favourite cafe in Sydney, single origin